Mixtape Review: Something to Prove- Kwest Markz


Abstract Campus has been making waves in the streets of the DMV as of late. They’ve been featured on a World Star Hip Hop DMV Cypher  and they also have released multiple mediums of music during the summer. I’ve already reviewed Abstract rapper Q Nyce’s EP earlier this summer. Now, I’ll take a look at his colleague Kwest Markz. Markz dropped a mixtape earlier in the summer named Something to Prove.

Musically speaking, this tape brings a lot of versatility to the table in terms of the song types and the pace of the tape. There are multiple songs that bring give you multiple reactions and appeal to multiple emotions. I firmly believe that there is something in this tape for just about everyone who appreciate’s hip hop in some way, shape or form–whether that be the soulful variation, the “trap” variation, or just hardcore spitting.

On multiple tracks throughout the tape, he flaunts his lyrical and metaphorical skill to his listeners in an effort to convince them that he’ll have staying power in the rap game. After listening to the tape, I felt that Markz had talent that a lot of rappers just don’t really have. He had skill that takes so much time to develop. For him to be such an advanced rapper on his first ever musical project is truly astounding.

The first song that popped out at me on Markz’ tape was the third track, “Cleopatra”. The soulful beat caught me and the connection between the title of the song and the chorus  intrigued me. I really wanted to see what this track was all about. It turns out that this was a song about love–Markz spent his time describing a woman that he is in love with. Throughout the second verse, he describes her beauty in a series of metaphors that make this woman he’s describing seem perfect. I thought that the way he closed the track was pretty clever. He cited the relationship between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. He describes his irrational love for this woman just as the relationship between Cleopatra and Caesar was irrational in some cases–I thought it was a perfect bowtie to a song that any man could use for his special woman.

The next song that really stuck out to me was “The Interlude” with another fellow Abstract Campus rapper Wade Wilson–who also had a mixtape that dropped earlier this summer. This song was just an all around fun track for me. It gave me a swagger that I’d have when I’m going out during a weekend to make heads turn. Markz really flexed his lyrical skill with this track–there are multiple lines that will go over your head if you aren’t careful. For example, in the first verse, he talks about being a bee but uses a double entendre just before when talking about his haters or detractors. He then goes on to say he’s trying to ” build a buzz, so they can cop me just like the fuzz or a maggot that’s growing up til I flowered a bigger buzz.” What? Clever, right?

The next verse belonged to Wilson, who really did his thing on the track. He even dropped a Coogi reference. This had to be one of my favorite verses of the summer, but I won’t give you all of the puns used–go listen for yourselves. In the third verse, Markz and Wilson did a double verse. These two made an awesome combination on the song, and I’m really looking forward to their work together in the future.

Something else that you really absolutely have to check out on this tape are two tracks: “Symptoms of A.D.D” and then “A.D.D” featuring Donnie Flatz. In combination, these two tracks are really powerful. The former really described the passions and pleasures of life that are–irrationally, at times–glorified. We come to find out that A.D.D is an acronym for Alcohol, Drugs and Desires in the next song. In this song, Markz and Flatz give you the really dirty, raunchy feel of the results of “A.D.D” in our society. The latter would be a really good party song for those of you who love dope beats and raunchy lyrics.

Overall, this tape has proven a lot to me–Markz is a genuinely good rapper. This tape provides versatility and, best of all, thought provoking, lyrical content. You can tell that Markz is really advanced for his first musical project. His flow and delivery are on point throughout the tape. None of the beats were too overwhelming, seemingly, but for Markz to start his musical career with this is a great look.

Lets hope to see more from Markz in the future. Make sure you give his mixtape a listen right here.


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