San Antonio Spurs Season Preview

This Is It

Well, here we go.

We’re about to embark on another NBA season in which the San Antonio Spurs prove everyone wrong again.

Is this the year that they finally lose 35 games? Probably not.

That was supposed to be last year  two years ago, but they ended up being good still.

Last season, Tony Parker put up MVP caliber numbers and stunned us all. But I don’t know why we didn’t expect it in the first place. Its the Spurs.

They just win. They restock and retool every year and find a way to make it into the top three teams of the west. They’ll probably do the same thing this year.

When you’re talking about a boring, under the radar team the Spurs are the perfect example. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker. They can all ball. They just do it in San Antonio.

This team doesn’t have the glamour of an LA or a Miami so we don’t pay them any mind all year.

There isn’t any way that they can upset us at this point by doing anything other than losing games. There goes another marketable trait down the drain.

The Spurs are just your same old, terribly consistent team that is built to keep on moving forward.

Each year they bring in younger and younger talent to add to the older and experienced veterans that they already have.

Of course, I’d love to tell you that they stood pat this offseason. They made no major moves. But I can neer do that and actually stand by it.

Last season, they traded up to get Kawhi Leonard–a move that was ery aggressive and noticeable. The year before it was George Hill and Gary Neal. What’s next with these guys?

That’s what happens when you have a stable organization that takes the time to develop players. They stay good and they stay consistent.

The Spurs will be that same old boring team this year as well. Just winning games. Like Tebow…too far? Sorry.

Tony the Magician

Its obvious that Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are climbing a bit too far up the age tree.

With Tim being 36 and Manu being 35 they aren’t able to carry this team the way they used to. They were relied on heavily two to three years ago for wins. Now they’re playing a different role.

Its Tony Parker’s job to keep the ball rolling and that’s something that he’s obviously accepted. Side note: he’s also good at it.

Parker put up MVP caliber numbers last season avereaging 18.3 points per game and 7.7 assists per game on 48% shooting.

On paper, Parker’s numbers weren’t really spectacular. His scoring totals had even dropped. What was most impressive was that Parker managed to get a career high in assists in his 10th year as a pro.

There were many doubters–including myself–that thought Parker couldn’t adapt his game to the style that the Spurs were going to play.

We knew he could play an up-tempo game but could he thrive outside of the paint? Many guards who are entering their 30s with no consistency in their jump shot tend to fade. Parker did just the opposite.

He proved that he could be a facilitator and got his teammates involved at all times. He fixed his jumper and expanded his range to outside of 15-18 feet as well.

He showed that he could have more responsibility as Duncan and Ginobili’s responsibilities started to fade.

If Parker can have a season like he did last year, or maybe even better, then the Spurs will be right in the thick of things once again.

Minute Allocation

The Spurs didn’t make many changes in the offseason. Just look for Duncan’s minutes to decrease some more slightly and look for Manu’s to take a slight increase.

I don’t think that Manu has regressed as much as we tend to believe. He wasn’t very healthy last season and that has a lot to do with his lack of minutes. If he can stay on the floor, I think that his minutes will begin to increase.


Tony Parker- 32.4 Mpg

Danny Green- 28.2 Mpg

Kawhi Leonard- 30.1 Mpg

Dejuan Blair- 23.2 Mpg

Tim Duncan- 25.8 Mpg


Boris Diaw- 23.8 Mpg

Tiago Splitter- 24.7 Mpg

Manu Ginobili- 26.2 Mpg

Stephen Jackson- 20.7 Mpg

Matt Bonner- 19.3 Mpg

Cory Joseph- 17.3 Mpg

Patrick Mills- 16.2 Mpg

Nando De Colo- 18.7 Mpg


The Spurs are going to contend in the Western Conference once again. If you thought that you were going to get away without reading the name Gregg Popovich at least one time in this post you were wrong.

Pop is just the kind of coach that is going to bring the best out of his guys. He’s a championship caliber coach and continues to prove that each and every year.

He’s going to coach this team into a top three to five seed in the west again.



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