Golden State Warriors Season Preview

Shaky Ankles

The Golden State Warriors have experienced their lot of troubles over the last few seasons, but none equal that of Stephen Curry’s ankles.

This may be the most frustrating thing in the NBA right now. With all of the talent that Stephen Curry possesses he can’t stay on the floor because of these ankle issues.

It seems like no amount of tape or no special shoe can even help at this point. He just hasn’t been able to make it work for him.

This was after playing in 70+ games in each of his first two seasons. These ankle injuries are just coming out of nowhere. You hope that they won’t call for any major surgery on them that will hamper Curry’s return or production.

The Golden State Warriors are very high on the talent that Curry has–and they should be. They trust in his capabilities enough for them to trust them with running this team.

Not only is Curry a great spot up shooter, he’s also a good creator off of the dribble as well. He’s got one of the quickest releases in the NBA and uses it very well.

When it comes to making shots, Curry does that better than almost anyone when at full strength. In only his second season as a Warrior Curry almost joined the 40-50-90 club.

He shot 93% from the foul line, 44% from beyond the arch, and 49% from the field. We talk about how Kyrie Irving came close to doing this as a rookie–Curry was one percentage point away from it in 0nly his second season.

The talent that Curry possesses is obviously something special. If he stays on the floor, then this could possibly be a playoff contending team.

With David Lee putting up double doubles every night and a healthy Andrew Bogut Curry has a lot to work with. Not to mention the shooters that he has and a newly drafted wing talent in Harrison Barnes.

This team should be a playoff contender but health has been a persisting issue. Making sure that they can stay healthy–especially Curry–is something that is going to be important.

Wondering What Could Have Been

If you recall during all of the Chris Paul nonsense last year, Golden State was one of the teams that was involved in the talks.

The issue was that they didn’t want to give up Stephen Curry. They also didn’t know how healthy Chris Paul would be in the future.

Little did they know that Curry would have ankle issues throughout the entire season that year. Looking back on this deal, had the Warriors snagged Paul would they have been better off?

Curry has loads of potential as anyone would readily admit. But isn’t Chris Paul worth that kind of talent? I mean, he’s the best point guard in the game as of now. He was more efficient than anyone outside of LeBron James last season.

Curry is great, but I’m sure this is going to linger through the Warriors brass this season. Should they have made the move on Paul or did they do the right thing by standing pat. Only time will tell.

Minute Allocation

The Warriors have plenty of wings to go around right now. They’ve got as much depth here as they’ve ever had in recent years.

They’re very high on Klay Thompson as a shooter and he’s progressing as a ball handler as well. They also picked up Harrison Barnes who shoots the lights out from three as well as midrange.

The most important part of this team is Curry, though. If he can’t stay on the floor, they’ll have plenty of back-ups to rely on but they won’t give the same efficiency and production.


Stephen Curry- 30.5 Mpg

Klay Thompson- 28.3 Mpg

Harrison Barnes- 29.4 Mpg

David Lee- 32.7 Mpg

Andrew Bogut- 29.3 Mpg


Richard Jefferson- 18.6 Mpg

Brandon Rush- 22.7 Mpg

Jarrett Jack- 24.8 Mpg

Charles Jenkins- 18.2 Mpg

Festus Ezeli- 13.2 Mpg

Carl Landry- 20.4 Mpg

Andres Biedrins- 19.7 Mpg

Draymond Green- 15.3 Mpg

Kent Bazemore- 12.8


The Warriors are going to go as far as Stephen Curry can take them–or his ankles rather. If Curry can remain healthy, this will be a very good team.

They’ve got plenty of pieces together that should be able to work. If they don’t they’ll fail in epic proportion. If they succeed, they’ll be really good.

This team is enigmatic, but they’ll be fun to watch regardless.


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