Brooklyn Nets Season Preview

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The New Jersey Nets are gone. Now the newly deemed Brooklyn Nets are moving into New York and they’ve got a bone to pick with everyone.

They’re not a team that’s going to settle for the second fiddle to the New York Knicks. Instead, they are gunning to be at the top of the Empire State food chain. They’ve got minority and world famous rap mogul Jay-Z and the mysterious Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokorov on their side.

This team has the second highest payroll in the NBA of a little over 85 million–roughly 18 million over the salary cap. They’re spending big boy dollars trying to get into the club that they previously were banned from.

To make it in the NBA, you’ve got to be a big spender sooner or later. Teams few and far between have been able to be exceptions to that rule, but for the most part champions are willing to spend a lot to get there.

The Nets are on the right path. With their 100 million dollar point guard, their other grossly overpaid guard and injury prone 60 million dollar center they’ve generated a solid core that could compete with some of the best teams in the NBA.

The most important positions on the floor for Brooklyn are manned by players who are good to great. They’ve got the rest of the lineup filled with guys who will be able to play certain roles.

Gerald Wallace will give you grit and hustle. He never gives up on a play. Kris Humphries is a double double guy in the rebounding category and Joe Johnson is a threat as a scorer.

With an incredibly balanced team, I think its safe to say that they’ll be giving the Knicks a run for their money. New York may have a new king of the court by season’s end.

Taking depth into consideration…

The New Jersey Nets may be the deepest team in the NBA. They’ve got the potential to go 7 to 9 deep each night with the fire power from off of their bench.

They pulled C.J Watson who was a starting point guard on a good Bulls team–mainly because of defense–last season. He’s going to be there to spell Deron Williams when he needs a breather.

Watson did a very good job of that when in Chicago. He was one of the most consistent players they had on that Bulls bench.

Then they’ve got Reggie Evans who gave the Clippers some pretty positive minutes during stretches last season–though some were completely awful. He’s a good rebounding presence to have on the bench and he also makes every hustle play…ever.

Then they’ve got the scoring threat of Marshon Brooks who the NBA seems to be in love with. I’m not as high on Brooks as others, but when hot he’s a pretty dominant scorer. He can be an outright dominant player on the offensive end at times as well.

Brooks has an ability to handle the ball and create shots for himself–though he struggles to create for others at times. With a season under his belt and the versatility that Avery Johnson has to plug him in with different lineups every night I think he’s due for a good year.

There are some other notable pieces on this bench as well. They’ve got Andray Blatche who can be a good player with his head on straight and a few others as well.

Minute Allocation

The Nets have a lot of pieces that can be worked in through multiple lineups. It’s going to be something that’s easy to do because they have a great point guard in Deron Williams.

Williams is going to make whatever players on the floor work. He’s been known to do that everywhere he’s gone. These are the luxuries of having one of the top floor generals in the NBA. Offensively, this team will be a juggernaut.


Deron Williams- 34.7 Mpg

Joe Johnson -32.6 Mp

Gerald Wallace- 30.2 Mpg

Kris Humprhies- 32. 2 Mpg

Brook Lopez- 30.4 Mpg


C.J Watson- 23.2 Mpg

Jerry Stackhouse- 18.3 Mpg

Reggie Evans- 19.2 Mpg

Marshawn Brooks- 25.2 Mpg

Tyshawn Taylor- 17.2 Mpg

Andray Blatche- 15.2 Mpg

Keith Bogans- 20.2 Mpg

Mirza Teletovic- 17.2 Mpg

Travis Outlaw- 21.8 Mpg

Tornike Shengelia- 20.7 Mpg


Overall, this is a very good roster. The starting lineup is going to do a lot of initial damage and then they have about two to four other players that can be plugged in to potentially do some more damage.

The Nets will be contending for a top three to five seed in the East next season. I think that they’ll end up being a better team than the Knicks will be, and that’s going to make for a really annoying narrative.

Either way, this team is going to be really fun to watch.


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