The Rundown: What’s Left on the Floor link dump

That’s right guys. I’m doing my first link dump. I have no idea how this will turn out or if I’ll keep doing it or not. We’ll see from here, but some of my peers have been doing some amazing work with their pieces. Between the playoffs, the draft, and the rumors that constantly swirl around they’ve all been awesome. Their work must be spread, and that’s what I’m here to do. So yea. LINK DUMP.

I’m a low key soccer guy here. I’d like to keep up more with it than I do now but I usually don’t. I tally that up to my laziness and lack of…you know…its pretty much just laziness. But my peer Zachariah Roberts wrote an excellent preview of the coming Euro Cup starting this Friday. Please, guys, check that out. (@TheZRoberts on Twitter)

As a Wizards fan I was pretty excited to see this excellent mock draft by Quentin Hayes when scrolling through my timeline on twitter. He has some great picks there and also provides readers with an insightful description and reason for the choice. Great read. (@Quentin317 on twitter)

Sebastian Pruiti does an awesome breakdown of Oklahoma Cities fourth quarter offense on Grantland here. Some simple screening and cutting gave the Thunder a huge advantage in this game. Sebastian shows us what its like for your superstar to actually get some easy looks. (@sebastianpruiti on twitter)

Mike Tokito of shares some tidbits from around the NBA. What I found the most interesting was the blood disease that Lamarcus Aldridge had contracted from an insect bit. Re:zombie apocalypse. Yup. That’s right. (@mtokito on twitter)

A great piece by one of my Sports Blog Movement colleagues, Chris Ross, on Tiger Woods being…well….one with golf. Great read for all of my golf people. (@paintstheblack on twitter)

Here’s an awesome read by Zach Lowe on LeBron in the clutch during yesterdays game. He takes the same boring narrative that we all react to and makes it fun for hoop heads. My kind of guy. (@ZachLowe_SI on twitter)

Alex Kennedy says that the Grizzlies are looking to move Rudy Gay. With the impending luxury tax penalties, I’m not surprised by this at all. In fact, they won’t be the only ones. This will probably be an extremely fun offseason.

So, that was fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again often. If not, its on me. Give me feedback though. Let me know if you guys enjoy this. Take care.


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