Hold That Thought

The Lakers had agreed, in principle, to deal Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom in an effort to get Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets. The Rockets will be involved in a 3 team trade that will facilitate Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. It looks like Gasol will be sent to the Rockets and Odom will be sent to New Orleans along with Luis Scola and Kevin Martin. You can find the rest of the details here.

It looked like the Lakers were all in as they said they were for Paul the whole time. Sources say that as of aboiut 9 o’clock Eastern Time, the NBA has pushed Dell Demps, Hornets GM, to cancel the trade. The NBA bought purchased the New Orleans Hornets from their previous owner last season. All assumptions–before a few days ago–were that the NBA wouldn’t allow Demps to trade Chris Paul to a larger market team. It had been said that the NBA had permitted Demps to do what he pleased with Paul contrary to popular belief.

It seems, as of now, that was not truly the case. According to Adrian Wojnarowski has since reported that his sources have told him that “the deal is dead.” It looks like Chris Paul will not be a Laker after all. The story gets into more detail right here.

The Lakers, along with the New York Knicks, had been on of Chris Paul’s main destinations of desire. In reaction to the deal being cancelled, Paul–via twitter–tweeted only “WoW.” I don’t think he meant world of wings either. This is shocking to all of us. I’ve never seen anything like this in the NBA before.

Adrian Wojnarowski also reports that the Lakers could look to deal Andrew Bynum instead of Pau Gasol as of now.

The Lakers could turn their attention toward using center Andrew Bynum as a trading chip to make a play for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.
Kobe Bryant was disappointed to see Gasol go in the deal, a source told Yahoo! Sports. He had been a great facilitator for Bryant and the Lakers out of the post, but Bryant was thrilled about the possibilities of playing with Paul. The point guard can ease a lot of Bryant’s ball-handling and play-making responsibilities, something that will benefit him at 33 years old.

This is just a weird situation all together. There is one party that has got to be ecstactic right now: The New York Knicks. They get another shot at acqiring CP3 and may throw the kitchen sink at New Orleans since they can clearly see that the Lakers are making a hard push to get the star point guard. That’s just my theory though; I advise you all to stay tuned.


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