College Hoops: My Savior

As you all know, the lockout took a turn for the worse a few days back. The players have decided to “disclaim interest” in negotiations and now the NBA is in the hands of the courts. Our season, what we all know and love, rests in the lone hands of judges, lawyers, and jurors. That’s not what we we’re hoping for this late in the season.

I’ve decided that until some serious developments come into play, I’m going to back away from the NBA for now. The NBA is more about business than hoops and that’s when I step out. I don’t love the business, I love the sport. I know I speak for us all when I say this.

Now, moving along. I’ve decided that I would keep up with college hoops until the Association got its act together. I’m going to try to find something that is basketball, or sports, related to get to you guys as frequent as I can. College ball will likely be a staple of this blog until then.

If you’ve been keeping up with my twitter feed(@Mike_Nasty11) you’d know that I’ve been planning on doing a college hoops post for a while now. I’ve been trying to take in as much info as I can and get it back to you guys so that you can help me grow into the world of the NCAA.

For my preseason championship pick, I went with the U Conn Huskies. To me, U Conn doesn’t get enough respect. I know they lost their guy in Kemba, but they were definitley prepared to lose him. I mean that in a good way folks. We all know about Jeremy Lamb. The 6’5 guard with the 7’4 wingspan? Right. His handle on the ball has gotten so much better since we saw him last year. He’s a two guard with that almost has the handle of a one. He scored the ball extremely well too. Very explosive guy and at his height that means trouble for a lot of opposing shooting guards.

Another key player would be Shabazz Napier. He is the guy, to me, that puts things all together. Bazz is a true point guard and runs the offense to perfection. At times they look extremley stale and ugly on offense, but Bazz fixes all of that. He knows what plays to call, when to get his guys going, and when to get himself going. He is a true extension of Jim Calhoun on the floor. You can’t go wrong with that at all. People say that Shabazz isn’t better than Marquis Teague, Tu Holloway, Tyshawn Taylor, and Kendall Marshall. They don’t even think he is a top 10 point guard in the country. They’ll find out soon enough won’t they?

The last prospect on U Conn that I’m going to talk about, for now, is Andre Drummond. Drummond is a big, at about 6’11 as a freshman, who is one of the most athletic guys I’ve ever seen on a basketball court. This guy seriously reminds me of Dwight Howard when he first came into the NBA. He runs the floor effortlessly. Its amazing when you watch him. There was one sequence of possessions against Maine where Drummond blocked 2 shots on one end. The ball went into Lamb’s hands after that. Lamb takes it to the other end from about half court and gets fouled, he puts up the shot, and here comes Drummond with the putback slam. He has energy for years it seems like. Mind you that Drummond was on the opposite baseline when he was blocking shots. He could go number one when he chooses to come out. He’s one of the most talented kids in the Nation.

Now for what I really wanted to share with you all. I recently did a podcast with my guys Willie T and Mr.DC Sports. It was a great one. I took in a lot of information from these two college hoops, specifically the Big East, fanatics! I had a great time and its worth the listen. Little did they know that while they were going on and on I had out my hoops notepad(yes I have one. I’m a basketball nerd) and was writing plenty down. Big shoutout to them. I can’t wait to do the next one.


Michael Sykes is a writer for the #Sportsblogmovement. Follow us on twitter.


One response to “College Hoops: My Savior

  1. Nice work Mickey. I think UConn will do well this year. I hope and think my Bucketes will take it. If one thing we know more over the past few years is a #1 is more and more of a “sure thing” to make it to Final Four and even title game, it’s really who’s play best ball going into tourney. So I hope my Bucks will play solid ball all year more than grab #1 seed.

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