Why the NBPA needs to take what it can get

As we all know, negotiations for a new NBA deal were at an all time high last week. It seemed like this lockout was finally going to be over. We were going to get back to basketball soon enough. We would be able to see Dallas hang its championship banner and get there rings. We would get our first impression of whether the MVP Derrick Rose was going to be able to defend his trophy. We would see old vs new in Oklahoma City vs Los Angeles. Two of the best scorers in the league were going to go at it.

It was all set to be a fantastic NBA opening night…until negotiations broke down. It was reported, last Friday, that the sides stumbled upon the BRI once again. It has been said that the players were sticking to their 52 percent and the owners stuck by their 50/50 stance. Both sides said there was no need to continue talks.

What’s worse is that there have been no scheduled talks in the near future. The sides tried to get mediator George Cohen back into the room but he decided not to come this time. Who could blame the man after all? Both sides seem to have a position that neither are willing to move away from. The owner’s pre condition of 50/50 has seemingly remained unchanged and there is no end to this madness in sight.

This will get worse before it gets better. There have been NBA sources that say because more games were cancelled that the owners will lower their offer will lower somewhere between the 49 and 47 percent range once again. The players don’t want to accept that but the reality is it may be the best offer that these guys get.

Everyone wants the lockout to end. I know we’ve all heard about what happened wiht Micky Arison, owner of the Miami Heat. He was fined for saying that he was ready for all of this to be over and the fans are barking at the wrong owner. There has been a rift in the owners corner between the big market teams and the small market teams. What is suprising now is the rift between the NBPA and its clients.

There have been players that, as Javale Mcgee stated a few weeks ago, that have been ready to fold. Recently Samardo Samuels of the Cavaliers said that 50/50 sounds good to him. Even more recent, Glen Davis of the Boston Celtics said thats0/50 is good because he’s ready to ball. I can’t really blame these guys.

The NBPA has been preaching staying united but the players are obviously ready to tear apart. The majority of the players in the NBA don’t make enough to withstand this type of holdout. They are writing checks to people that they can’t cash. I recently heard on the radio a few hours ago that Joe Smith’s house is in pre-foreclosure. He is the perfect representation of your average NBA player. With the average career lasting about 4 years, these guys don’t get the same money that Lebron James and Kobe Bryant will make. They need their money now.

Even Carmelo Anthony said that missing his first game check has hurt him. He’s going to run out of money eventually and he realizes that. They are fighting too hard for the future players of this league and not worrying about the guys who are playing now. These guys need their money, and this is the best offer you can get. You have to take it now while its still here.

The owners have all the leverage in this situation. Their pockets are much deeper than that of the average NBA player’s; even of the superstars of the NBA. They have other business ventures that some players can’t afford and aren’t equipped enough to have. When you think about the deal from that perspective, you need to take what’s on the table. This is the best that you are getting and you must accept it.

Basketball Has Stopped here even with Nike slogans going around. The players are no longer standing united in this. It doesn’t even look like the face’s of the NBPA are united anymore. Fisher and Hunter aren’t on the same page right now reportedly. It has been alleged that Fisher is willing to take the 50/50 deal because he wants a season. There have been many issued statements about the rift between he and Hunter by both parties involved. There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry going there at all. I think Fisher is doing the smart thing.

He realizes that this is the best offer that these guys are getting and he wants to play ball. The question is, how long will it take the others to see that. That remains to be seen.



5 responses to “Why the NBPA needs to take what it can get

  1. Very good post especially your point of
    “The owners have all the leverage in this situation. Their pockets are much deeper than that of the average NBA player’s”
    Players need to listen to those giving real world advise.

  2. The bad thing to me is, the players could have settled for a 50/50deal on day one of the talks and been done with it and never lost any money, so to speak. I understand future contracts would be less, but the layers would not mis any pay checks and life for the active players and contracts with be the same, TO ME IMO, this is why the lockout is the PLAYERS FAULT. once again IMO. there acting like a stuburn kid that does not want to take the trash out and at the end of the day, there going to TAKE THAT TRASH OUT! nice read!

  3. Fantastic post! And you’re completely right. The players have the lower hand, like Mike said, and they really need to settle at the best chance they’ll get to have a season.

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