Chocolate City

The Washington Wizards owe Kevin Durant, Miles Rawls, and the Goodman League a big thanks. The Washington DC metropolitan area has gotten so much positive publicity over the past few months.

As we all know, since the league has been locked out, many players have been playing in various summer leagues and Pro-Ams. The most popular leagues out of all this summer have been the prominent Drew League of LA,founded by Oris “Dino” Smiley, and the Goodman League of DC, which was founded by Miles Rawls some time ago.

These leagues have reached a peak that they’ve never been to this past summer because of the lockout. Players like Kevin Durant, John Wall, and Demarcus Cousins have made their own appearances in the Drew League, which is located in the Southeast District of Washington, DC. It is particularly located in Barry Farms, which is one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in the area.

You can find plenty of crime, violence, and fights in this area of DC. I know first hand and have people that could vouch for me here, but on Rawls’ courts the violence stops. Its all peace beyond the gates of the Goodman league. There are never any problems within them, and under Rawls’ watch it will definitley remain that way.

Kevin Durant, who has frequented the Farms since about 16 years old, says there have never been any problems when he comes to the court. All of it stops as soon as you cross through the gates.

“Barry Farms is one of the toughest neighborhoods in D.C.,” Durant says, “and every time we play, nothing happens. No fights, nobody wants to get into it. It’s like family, and that’s what I like about playing down there.” – Kevin Durant via Beckley Mason of

Durant has attracted many of the other superstars of the NBA to the Goodman league. There have been appearances from Brandon Jennings, Michael Beasly (also another local), Cousins, and plenty of others. This past offseason has been the best for the Goodman League because plenty of “NBAers” have come through to play.

This is a great thing for the city of Washington, which I think has taken a bad reputation hit over the last few years. Many people have put in their minds that DC is a place of violence and drugs. Things like Lenny Bias dying from cocaine abuse, Marion Barry (the former mayor) using drugs, and just the crime rate in general.

Back from 2009 to 2010, the crime rate of DC has dropped . At the end of this year I expect another significant drop in that also. Its become a more peacful and productive place over the years. The education system has made significant improvements and many people are finding work within the area.

The free agents of the NBA can look and tell that Durant loves being here. It must not be that bad of an area if all of these star players are coming around to play basketball. Before this offseason, as I said before, the Goodman League and Miles Rawls didn’t get that much publicity. Now many stars are saying that they’ll return for the challenge of the league and what it brings. That could be a very attractive prospect for many NBA players.

They could take a trip uptown, go to Gallery Place, see a movie, bowl at Lucky Strike. There’s a restaurant a few doors down called Clydes, its do die, for trust me. There is an annual car show that comes to the Verizon Center around the time the league gets into the offseason that they can get into. They can go to Ben’s Chili Bowl, which is considered by some the best place to eat in DC. I’ve never had it, but people I’ve talked to have told me that its delicious. There’s a Fudruckers a few blocks down from the Verizon Center; there are plenty of places to eat and have fun.

Not to mention all of the history that this town has. That has to be appealing to someone. There’s the Washington Monument, standing tall close to the heart of the city. You can take a tour of the Capital Building also. After that you’ve got the Smithsonian and the Air and Space museum. The new Dr.King monument is about to be opened also.

There is no doubt that there is night life in the city. There are night clubs like Love and Ibiza. Also K Street lounge is the place to be on some nights. Many rappers and athletes come around from time to time. Not to mention that this is the home of the rapper Wale. If you ask him, the DMV (DC, Maryland, And Virginia) is the greatest place on earth. I couldn’t agree with him more; I love living here.

The city is beautiful at night; you’d know if you’ve ever been. Chocolate City is one of the capitals in the country for basketball. The Wizards need to take full advantage of this lockout and make a case for DC. Its a great place to live and there are many things to do. I haven’t even scratched the surface in this post; there is way more than what I’ve told you about. Exciting, right?

The Wizards could be a Dark Horse for many free agents so be on the lookout. With John Wall and a young Washington Wizard team that is growing, people will want to be here. I think after this summer, it’ll be a better option than many people think.


3 responses to “Chocolate City

  1. A great promotion for DC. You love your city and your team. Great post. The Wizards should hire you!

  2. Nice work Mikey! I agree with Jeremy, lol.
    what a cool thing that would have been to watch those games.

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