Kevin Durant and Brandon Jennings’ World Tour

As we all know, the NBA is currently locked out. The players and the owners are arguing over about billions of dollars. They need to distribute it in some way shape or form amongst each other in a way that everyone can prosper. So, until then, the league locked its players out.

Was this supposed to hurt the players? Because if so, I don’t think that a lot of them got the memo.

Many of the players have talked about playing ball overseas in Chinese leagues and Euro leagues. Deron Williams even has a deal with the Besiktas of the Turkish Basketball league right now. They’ve been talking to many other players also. They’ve tried to get Kobe Bryant, Omer Asik, and Zaza Pachulia.

Many players are finding other means to play basketball without the NBA. I think it should show the owners something. Real ballers don’t need a league to find a court, they’ll make one on their own. Many players have opened up their own summer leagues to play ball at, they don’t need the Vegas league or the NBA preseason. They’ve made it clear that they just want to play ball and will go anywhere to do it.

Brandon Jennings and Kevin Durant have been the epitomy of true ballers this offseason(If I can even call it that). They’ve been everywhere around the world playing in Exhibition games. One day you can check Durant’s twitter, it’ll say he’s in NYC somewhere playing hoops, then the next day he’ll be in China playing an exhibition game. Its like taking a trip up the street to a neighbors house to play on their kids court.

There seems to be no end to their energy. They’ve both played in NYC on various courts, including in Rucker Park where Durant had a legendary game, they’ve both played in the Melocenter, which is a rec center in Baltimore run by Carmelo, and they’ve both played in the Dycman also which is in New York.

They’ve both played in the various summer leagues going on across the country too. Jennings has been seemingly running the Drew League over in LA and the same can be said for Durant and the Goodman league over in DC. They’ve been showing us that they are true hoops players. Whether locked out or not, they’d still be doing this. They are pure ballers, and nothing will stop them from doing what they love.

That’s a very refreshing trait to see coming from two players who don’t really have to be doing this. They don’t do it because of the money, they do it for the love of the game. They’ll play with anyone or against anyone, and they don’t want to lose.

I love what they’re doing, they’re showing kids around the world that it isn’t always about money. Sure, that plays a big part in anything, but when you do it for the love of your game that’s something special. Especially when you get locked out of your league because of a money issue.

They know that they could get injured doing this, but they don’t care. Its what they do and without it they’d be lost. They’re turning their image into street legends, and thats very rare for NBA stars these days.

These are the best basketball players in the world, but how can you prove it unless you play the world? That’s what these guys are doing, and I love it!

I’ll leave you guys with a few clips to watch, I’ll be posting again soon. Enjoy.


3 responses to “Kevin Durant and Brandon Jennings’ World Tour

  1. Tis though I still feel is like a new girl friend, soon enough about the 280 players not playing overseas will put pressure on NBAPA to get a deal done, onyl the big name players are liking this stuff now. also something to think about just to put this lockout into reailty of real life is these players have houses/mansions all over U.S. they just cant jump ship and move, who is going to buy there mansion that paided 15 million for and now its only worth 7.5 million. Mikey not saying anything towards your piece, jsut some thoughts of mine, intresting stuff really. i think there is going to be a season after all, just a gut feeling.

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